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Events & Update


We emerged as winner for the inaugural SAP Emerging Enterprise Award as announced during a virtual event hosted by Verena Siow, President & Managing Director, SAP Southeast Asia on 10th June 2021.

…technology has emerged as a game changer for our customers, enabling organizations to embed intelligence across end-to-end business process, empowering them with agility and resilience to navigate the uncertain business environment…

Verena Siow, President & Managing Director, SAP Southeast Asia.

SAP Best Run Awards for Southeast Asia honours companies from across the region that have demonstrated strategic problem-solving and innovative ideas in business transformation.

PXL wins the Emerging Enterprise Award which recognizes emerging enterprises that drive consistent, significant and sustainable growth resulting in excellent business performance and displayed the ability to scale and expand overseas.​
With the deployment of SAP solutions in our operation, PXL has streamline user experiences and boost productivity, resulting in an improvement of inventory management by 40% and productivity of supply chain by 30%.

A total of USD 30,000 donation will be made by SAP, on behalf of the winners to the ASEAN Foundation.
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