100% PLANT-BASED COMPOSTABLE STRAWS Biodegradable doesn't mean Compostable.
But Compostable product are 100% biodegradable.
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  • 100% Compostable

  • PLA Free

  • Plastic Free

  • • Sog-Free • Waste Free • Toxic-Free • Plastic-Free
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    Disposable Food Packaging Supplier in Malaysia

    Food packaging plays an essential role in every food business. As the food industry evolves, we evolve too. PXL Marketing is one of the leading disposable food packaging suppliers in Malaysia that aims to give you nothing but the best quality food packaging in Malaysia to cater to your business needs. Being one of the leading disposable food packaging suppliers in Malaysia, we offer a wide variety of high-quality disposable food packaging in Malaysia and hygiene products suitable across all industries. As a manufacturer of disposable food packaging, our disposable food packaging is made to be eco-friendly, minimizing our negative impact on the environment. Improve your business with PXL Marketing today!


    Automated order processing are implemented to meet fast order fulfilment.


    Our wide range of product SKU’s goes through careful quality check to meet client’s expectations


    Our optimized inventory data management forecast and logistic hub ensures swift order processing and delivery.


    We ensure only quality-controlled products are packed for delivery to minimize defects and maximize customers’ cost efficiency.

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    For durable and sustainable product packaging, your business can always rely on PXL, the leading paper bag supplier in Malaysia. 

    Our range of 100% recyclable and biodegradable paper bags makes us the perfect packaging partner for environmentally friendly enterprises in F&B, industrial, and various industries. 

    PXL ultra-durable paper bags can also accommodate your products securely as our materials are sourced from Packaton, a manufacturer of one of the world’s most durable paper bag materials. 

    The unmatchable strength of Packaton paper has been proven numerous times – especially on social media. Swings made from Packaton paper can support an actual person’s weight (up to 85 kg).

    durable brown paper bag supplied and manufactured by PXL Marketing Sdn Bhd

    An efficient paper bag supplier you can rely on

    Your business will benefit from our automated order processing system, which fulfils your orders and ensures they arrive on time – wherever you are in Malaysia. 

    Here are other key reasons why PXL should be your preferred packaging partner:

    • Extensive quality check (QC): Our products undergo meticulous QCs to ensure they meet our high standards for quality paper bag packaging.
    • Logistic hub with optimised inventory data management forecast: We’ll process your orders and deliver them swiftly.
    •  Receive your orders safely: PXL products are securely packed to minimise defects.

    Interested in more info about how PXL can benefit your enterprise?

    For further details, kindly view our FAQ section. We are also available for a cuppa tea and chat via our Contact Us page, email, or WhatsApp. 

    PXL custom paper bag printing and packaging services can elevate your brand identity as a sustainable, eco-friendly business.


    100% biodegradable packaging for environmentally conscious customers

    According to a 2022 IBM survey of over 14,000 people worldwide, 93% are increasingly concerned about climate change. 

    Sustainability is a now key factor among consumers when it comes to buying products. These items include food and beverages as well as other fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). 

    At PXL, we use 100% biodegradable, reusable, and recyclable materials for our paper bag printing and packaging. By using PXL paper bags for packaging, your products will have added appeal among environmentally conscious customers. 

    Sustainable living is trending these days, and our eco-friendly custom paper bags and packaging can help your business cater to current consumer needs and tastes.

    With PXL paper bag usage, you will also be playing a vital role in making the world a greener, better place.

    Produced with one of the world’s most durable paper bag materials

    Besides being manufactured with biodegradable materials, PXL paper bag packaging is renowned for its strength and durability. We source our materials from Packaton, which produces one of the world’s most durable paper bag materials. 



    a man sitting on the swing made of PXL's durable paper bag

    Our paper bag materials are so durable that even a swing made from Packaton paper can support a person that weighs up to 85 kg! 

    So you can rest assured that your products are securely packaged. PXL packaging can safely store food and beverages, office supplies, retail products, and goods from many other industries. 

    Elevate your brand with custom paper bag printing and design

    The durability of your brand and business is equally important to PXL. We are committed to providing custom paper bag printing and design that convey your brand’s vision and unique selling points. 

    The PXL Branding & Customization team is ready to assist you in creating stylish, brand-driven packaging in a variety of sizes and designs that resonate with your customers. 

    Colour-wise, our packaging is available in brown or white. So you can select the packaging design and colour that best convey your brand identity. 

    Other quality PXL products

    In addition to custom paper bags and packaging printing, PXL provides other products that benefit your business such as kitchen consumables, tissues, and napkins, as well as hygiene products. 

    Find out more about our wide range of products and services here.

    Any queries about PXL custom paper bags and our other products or services?

    We look forward to hearing from you! You can book an appointment with PXL via our Contact Us page, email, or WhatsApp.

    Looking for the best single-use straw alternative to replace plastic straw? Deciding between paper straws or 100% plant-based compostable straws? 

    Paper straws get soggy in drinks and plastic straws don’t fit with your eco-friendly lifestyle? Try PXL Malaysia’s plant-based compostable straws, made from sugarcane and coffee ground-based materials. These fully compostable, PLA and plastic-free straws are more resistant to moisture than paper straws, so they won’t get soggy in your drinks. 

    While paper straws may look like a better alternative compared to plastic straw. However, many face problems with paper straws.

    PXL Malaysia’s 100% plant-based compostable straw is good for drinking experience and the environment.

    We offer two options:

    1. Sugarcane Straw
    2. Coffee Ground Straw 

    a cup filled with water shows plant-based compostable straws which is made from coffee ground and sugarcane

    Top features of PXL’s plant-based compostable plastic free straws include: 

    • Sturdy and high durability. It last long in beverages and can hold its shape at up to 90°C.
    • PLA-free, made of 100% recycled plant-based ingredients 
    • Zero-waste recycling
    • Soggy-free, toxic-free, waste-free, plastic-free, taste-free
    • More than just biodegradable, it is 100% home-compostable certified. It means it can decompose under natural environment within 18 months, so you can throw it in the bin, and it will still naturally break down.

    Our compostable straws are made from : 

    Sugarcane Straw

    Our sugarcane straws are made 100% from the recycled by product ie bagasse of sugar refining industry. Bagasse is the remaining plant fibers that need to be dealt with after the processing the sugarcane to produce sugar. Instead of letting it go into waste, these leftover plant fibers are made use to produce the 100% plant-based compostable sugarcane straw.

    Coffee Ground Straw

    Our coffee ground straw are made 100% from the recycled waste of each cup of coffee you had ie coffee grounds, the byproduct of the coffee brewing process. With the high coffee consumption, tons of coffee ground are produced daily and go into waste. Hence, recycling this waste has created a great ecosystem for the environment, businesses and the people.

    What is the best way to store and handle plant-based straw?

    To maintain the best durability and performance of the straws, it is advisable to:

    • Store it in a cool and dry environment, away from the sunlight
    • Avoid pressure or compression being made to the straws 

    Third-party tested & certified

    PXL launched “PXL EXTRA HUAT CNY” trade campaign for 2022 Chinese New Year.

    PXL are rewarding it’s customers with extra “huat” (wealth) with angpao money and free delivery on purchases with PXL during the festive period.

    The campaign see a first collaboration between PXL and Malaysians’ go-to healthy food store, Agrain, limited edition PXL money packet or “angpao” are specially produced to serves as discount voucher across Agrain’s outlets (redeemable until 31st March 2022).

    The money packet are also pre-printed with exclusive discount code for online purchase on www.agrain.my/grocer (valid for redemption until 15th February 2022), all filled with special deals just waiting to be redeemed as we usher in year of the Tiger.

    ​”Taking inspiration from the regal and bold stripes of the Tiger in its’ design, the limited-edition money packet has an interesting fact up it’s flap as it is produced from sustainably sourced, unbleached, and FSC-certified recycled kraft paper in conjunction with PXL’s vision toward a greener environment within the company’s business practice.​”

    In the spirit of the Tiger that are always quick to action, be fast to redeem all the exclusive benefits from PXL EXTRA HUAT CNY trade campaign that runs from 1st January to 15th February 2022 with terms and conditions apply, contact us for more info.

    PXL wishes everyone a Prosperous & Sustainable year of the Tiger.

    The production and shipping restriction due to Covid-19 has disrupted some raw material availability in the sector, notably for paper raw material.

    Supply chain management saw an increase in demand for specific products at the start of the pandemic in early 2020, when countries all over the world imposed simultaneous travel and production restrictions.

    As the global supply chain is an interconnected system of raw material suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and consumers, PXL’s Supply Chain Management division is dedicated to keeping clients informed by closely monitoring and communicating with suppliers.

    We are committed in keeping consumers up to date on current product trends and pricing, always on the pulse to bridge our customers to more product varieties and technologies.

    Our team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns; kindly reach us through Contact Us.

    We emerged as winner for the inaugural SAP Emerging Enterprise Award as announced during a virtual event hosted by Verena Siow, President & Managing Director, SAP Southeast Asia on 10th June 2021.

    …technology has emerged as a game changer for our customers, enabling organizations to embed intelligence across end-to-end business process, empowering them with agility and resilience to navigate the uncertain business environment…

    Verena Siow, President & Managing Director, SAP Southeast Asia.

    SAP Best Run Awards for Southeast Asia honours companies from across the region that have demonstrated strategic problem-solving and innovative ideas in business transformation.

    PXL wins the Emerging Enterprise Award which recognizes emerging enterprises that drive consistent, significant and sustainable growth resulting in excellent business performance and displayed the ability to scale and expand overseas.​
    With the deployment of SAP solutions in our operation, PXL has streamline user experiences and boost productivity, resulting in an improvement of inventory management by 40% and productivity of supply chain by 30%.

    A total of USD 30,000 donation will be made by SAP, on behalf of the winners to the ASEAN Foundation.
    #SAPBestRunAwardsforSEA #EmergingEnterpriseAward

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