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What is the best choice for straws? 100% PXL’s Plant-based Compostable Straw can be your solution in Malaysia

Looking for the best single-use straw alternative to replace plastic straw? Deciding between paper straws or 100% plant-based compostable straws? 

Paper straws get soggy in drinks and plastic straws don’t fit with your eco-friendly lifestyle? Try PXL Malaysia’s plant-based compostable straws, made from sugarcane and coffee ground-based materials. These fully compostable, PLA and plastic-free straws are more resistant to moisture than paper straws, so they won’t get soggy in your drinks. 

While paper straws may look like a better alternative compared to plastic straw. However, many face problems with paper straws.

PXL Malaysia’s 100% plant-based compostable straw is good for drinking experience and the environment.

We offer two options:

  1. Sugarcane Straw
  2. Coffee Ground Straw 

a cup filled with water shows plant-based compostable straws which is made from coffee ground and sugarcane

Top features of PXL’s plant-based compostable plastic free straws include: 

  • Sturdy and high durability. It last long in beverages and can hold its shape at up to 90°C.
  • PLA-free, made of 100% recycled plant-based ingredients 
  • Zero-waste recycling
  • Soggy-free, toxic-free, waste-free, plastic-free, taste-free
  • More than just biodegradable, it is 100% home-compostable certified. It means it can decompose under natural environment within 18 months, so you can throw it in the bin, and it will still naturally break down.

Our compostable straws are made from : 

Sugarcane Straw

Our sugarcane straws are made 100% from the recycled by product ie bagasse of sugar refining industry. Bagasse is the remaining plant fibers that need to be dealt with after the processing the sugarcane to produce sugar. Instead of letting it go into waste, these leftover plant fibers are made use to produce the 100% plant-based compostable sugarcane straw.

Coffee Ground Straw

Our coffee ground straw are made 100% from the recycled waste of each cup of coffee you had ie coffee grounds, the byproduct of the coffee brewing process. With the high coffee consumption, tons of coffee ground are produced daily and go into waste. Hence, recycling this waste has created a great ecosystem for the environment, businesses and the people.

What is the best way to store and handle plant-based straw?

To maintain the best durability and performance of the straws, it is advisable to:

  • Store it in a cool and dry environment, away from the sunlight
  • Avoid pressure or compression being made to the straws 

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