9oz Single Wall Hot Cup - Plain White

  • Single Wall Hot Cup feature a corrugated wrap that keeps hands cool and coffee hot. They’re perfect for very hot drinks like tea and coffee. The 8oz cup is offered in black.
  • Sustainable
Product Details:
Single wall hot cup always being classy! First choice of everyone don’t you think so ? The high quality of paper material to protect your hands getting burnt in order to retain the heat withing the cup.
  • Chilled Contents
  • Liquid Contents
  • Hot Contents
  • Limited Shelf Life

  • Unique Ripple-Wrap™ built-in corrugated sleeve
  • Can be custom-printed up to five colours

  • Corrugated sleeve keeps hands cool and the coffee hot
This is perfect for:

  • Tea, Latte, Cappuccino, Hot Caocolate, Flat White, Mocha

Technical Data

Item Code ECN00095
Range Take-away Packaging
Sub Range Paper Cup
Design PLAIN
Colour WHITE
Size (L x W) 90mm x 90mm
Surface Finish
Raw Materials Paper
Customisable Yes
Carton 1,000
Pieces Per Packet 40
Carton Width (mm) 335
Carton Length (mm) 500
Carton Height (mm) 315
Carton Gross Weight (kg) 5.8
MOQ – Stock  > 1 carton
MOQ – Custom or Stock Made to Order from 25,000
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