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Paper straw get soggy in drinks and plastic straw goes against your eco-friendly lifestyle?

Experience the bio-straws, available in Sugarcane and Coffee ground-based variant. Plant-based bio-straws thrive better in moisture and do not get soggy in your beverages unlike their paper counterpart. The sugarcane stalk fiber (bagasse) and coffee ground raw materials are fully compostable, PLA and Plastic free and here’s why it matters:


What set compostable different from biodegradable is its’ faster degrade process at 90% decomposition rate within 180 days. You can rest assured compostable products will not leave toxic element residue in the soil.

Polylactic Acid (PLA) is a biodegradable polymer from renewable resources such as corn & tapioca starch, typically used as substitute the difficult-to-biodegrade petroleum based plastic.
However, PLA require a special controlled environment to break down. Bio-straws have gone through manufacturing innovation to be PLA-free and still able to degrade under natural environment (25±5°C), so you can throw it in the bin, and it will still naturally break down.

Bio-straws are Non-5 plastics certified and have 12-18 months shelf life as it’s fully manufactured from natural sugarcane bagasse and coffee ground and do not contain any kind of conventional plastic element.


Biodegradable straws are fully compostable thus positively contribute to eco-sustainability, nevertheless its’ plant-based material calls for a gentle handling and storage, user are advised to refrain from applying compression on the straws such as biting, pinching or bending.

With their natural color aesthetic, sugarcane and coffee ground straws are ideal for F&B and cafe use.
Browse our range of biodegradable straw and request for sample today.